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Featured Works

Strategery Comes Alive

Nobody knew exactly when Analogicorp’s email server became a sentient being, but the manifestation of its intelligence seems to have coincided with the untimely death of their Director of Strategic Marketing, Charles M. Sharpley. His vacated position was not filled… (Read full story.)

The Brave Little Engine

Long ago, in the days when trains were driven by steam and engines had personality, there was a particularly cheerful engine named Tommy. Tommy was a light, small engine, used mostly to pull passenger trains. He was dwarfed by the huge freight engines that puffed proudly around the train station, but he was happy with his job, and did it very well…(Read full story.)

The Anti-Ant Days of Saskatchewan

Once upon a time, there was an ant named Saskatchewan. One day, it occurred to him that he was tired of being an ant. So he left his anthill, along with his 100,000 relatives and friends… (Read full story.)

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